Online Innovation: Endless Possibilities

endlessImagine you have a blank canvas in front of you and you can create the ideal online class. You can add any Global Web application you choose, include links to existing material, social networks, videos, podcasts, lectures, art, design, color … endless choices.

The canvas would be a work of art, innovation at it’s best, something to long for – right? Well, maybe not. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the online courses are pretty much the same across the country. The learning management systems are hum drum and offer learning via text, email, asynchronous discussion boards or mandatory chat sessions. Marc Parry author of Online Programs: Profits Are There, Innovation is Not, notes the discrepancy between the exciting technology offered at workshops and conferences is missing in the actual platform where classes are offered.

It only takes one university to step outside the box, incorporate global web technology to online classrooms to draw students who are eager to try something new, to feel appreciated and to learn.  Once that happens and students get a taste of what is possible, they will never return to the tired old platform.

A course with color, music, links to social networks, links to experts in the field, links to authors, games that tell stories, stories that teach, existing technology … it’s already there.

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