Global Web 195 aka GWEB195

 The perception of education is changing.  Web 2.0 is the current classroom and our children in middle and high schools are clearly the teachers. What will college have to offer them when they are old enough to attend? Soon, the Global Web will replace Web 2.0 and all 195 countries will be participants. 

Staying connected and learning from each other is already happening. Our kids communicate through texting, twitter, emails, myspace, facebook, cell phones, blogs, videos, IM, and much of this occurs on devices the size of their palms.  And as they get younger, those palms get smaller and smaller… soon they will be able to communicate without the devices.   What classroom will be able to engage them like they are currently engaged?  

The Global Web 195 or GWEB195 will break all the rules because they don’t fit anymore. Universities will be a thing of the past as our children and their children realize that learning is the end result, not the degree.

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