Goodbye Winter: Hello Drought!

Alas, I think the snow is over. Sad to see it go because Colorado is so desperate for the moisture. The winter snows fill up our mountain lakes which feed our crops, water our lawns and quench our thirst. Rain would be a blessing too —

Send me some songs (maybe Youtube songs?) to play so I can dance, dance, dance and invite the rain to visit us!

Here’s a fun rain song — I hope it brings some raindrops to my roof. If so, I’ll be sure to stand outside and let it soak me to the skin!

flower basket in snow1
Flower basket in March in Colorado!

Have you ever tried to Google yourself?

duckduckgo.comThis is my deal – there is so much to learn, so much to know, so much to share that when I find some tidbit, I just want to write about it so you can benefit from my words. One may call me a teacher, a trainer, an educator and yes –  I am all of the above because I just assume you want to learn too.

When was the last time you searched your name on the internet or ‘Googled’ yourself? I suggest you go to and enter your name and see what comes up. Now try it in and You might find unique links or information from each site.

Is the information that comes up accurate? If not, can you track down the website and get it changed? As you move towards anything in this connected world, you can bet your name will be searched. Want to buy a house, sell a house, rent an office, get a job, buy an appliance, or anything else –  if so, you can bet your name will be checked online.

Potential employers might find you on LinkedIn and learn all about your past jobs, read your recommendations and possibly even contact past colleagues. And they won’t stop at LinkedIn, they will certainly look for you on Facebook. Here they will see the other side of you – the family, funny, wacky side. Or they will see the stupid, drunken and sullen side of you that writes with a sarcastic tone or other such negative image.

Did you sign up for Classmates, Meetup, Youtube, Google Photos, Calorie-Count, Flickr, Pintrest, or other social/gaming networking sites?  If so, your name will probably show up in quite a few search results. Do you have a blog, website, or have you posted articles or photos? Let’s hope they are clean, informative and inspiring to someone who is looking to hire you, date you, enroll you or any other possible scenarios.

We are connected – like it or not. We are ‘out there’ for the good people to find us knowing that bad people will find us too. Take a moment and go to and see what you can find on your name. Maybe nothing at all. Maybe lots. Maybe it’s all ok.



I’m Farming and I Grow It: Check it out!

There is a spoof on youtube on the song I’m sexy and I know it. This spoof shows us the activities of Kansas State University student Greg Peterson and his brothers who till the land, feed the animals and embrace this world. It’s fun and short and a sweet tribute to farmers. I hope you check it out!

7 Blogging Tips to Keep the Words Flowing

I love learning (as you well know) and love sharing what I’ve learned. When it comes to blogging, there are so many ways to stay on the writing path when you’re looking at a blank canvas. It’s easy to say, “I can’t think of a thing to write that others want to read” (ok, I’ve said that many times!) so these tips will help you and me when we fall off the wagon.
I’ve composed a list of 7 tips to turn to when the canvas is white and the fingers are idle.

  1. Be authentic. You know what I mean.
  2. Read other posts and tweet them. Almost all the posts we read have a tweet button – click it and send the post to the universe. It’s what you do when you really like something.
  3. Visit new blogs and read not only the post but the comments as well. Follow the link back to another blog and read some more.
  4. Have a favorite blogger? Check out the links they have on their page – it’s a compliment when others link to you so check out why they’re special.
  5. Talk global and write local. Refer to something going on in the world and apply how it affects you and your community. Real life examples add energy and interest.
  6. Share a moment… something you thought, did or said. When you add a bit of yourself to the post, your readers want to know more. It’s ok to teach – but you must be willing to give something of yourself – trust me!
  7. Be bold. Yes, I’ve touted this one before but it’s ok to be daring and try something new. Take a stand, make a vlog, include a video, and be controversial. As long as you’re authentic your boldness will pay off.

Now tell me, what do you do when your canvas is blank?

Best of the Internet Goodies

Be happy art in Santa Fe - photo by MargeOver the course of April, I highlighted gifts from the internet… Internet Goodies. These consisted of links to YouTube, blogs, spyware and viruses, business ideas and forms, recipes, inspiration messages, exercise and dieting, weather websites, national parks information, home and vacation rental planning, earth day suggestions and on and on.

Over the course of the month I changed headers, added landscapes and photos, changed themes and had a blast the entire time!

Some of the best posts are listed below. They received more readership, comments or pingbacks.

Thanks for learning and growing with me. Enjoy the winners below:

April Fools Day: Internet Goodie #1

Talking pictures:

The internet is full of priceless videos from Youtube, Daily Motion, Viemo and others where you can locate your favorite songs, listen to college professors, watch someone make a pie, learn how to  paint a house or publish a book. Actually, anything you need to learn or understand can be found somewhere on the web!

Skype and Oovoo are sites that allow you to see who you’re talking to in real time. I always think of Jane Jetson on the Saturday morning cartoons when she sat in front of a computer screen and saw the person she was talking to. That image always stayed with me and now “I am Jane!”

Using Skype, I can call and see my friend in the mountains or my sister in Ireland for free. Last month I downloaded Oovoo and there were 4 family members on my laptop screen all talking away!

Watching videos on Ted is a great way to learn life lessons from people who are reaching out and bringing back new ideas, possibilities and hope. Ted has a wide range of interests including entertainment, technology and science and business. There is something for everyone presented by the most amazing people.

If you go to Hulu you’ll have the ability to watch yesterday’s TV show on your pc.  If you’re traveling or stuck somewhere, it may be a good time to catch up on that mindless program that will help you pass the time.

At Online Video Guide (OVGuide) you’ll get a list of the cream of the crop videos. Why trudge through mud when this site can help you find the finest videos around?


What am I forgetting? Send me more links!


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KHAN Academy — Amazing!


This site is amazing!

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.

They have 1000+ videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance which have been recorded by Salman Khan.

What a genius!

Khan Academy