Things that Matter

I’ve been sporadic in my writing lately. It’s hard sometimes coming up with something that matters and personally, I want to write about things that matter and add value to the reader and leave me with a feeling of accomplishment.

Perhaps I’ve had a difficult time writing these past days because the words don’t connect to my mission. I think we all have a mission and mine is to educate. When I learn something, I love to share it. When I find a website or resource that teaches, instructs, educates, illuminates and makes me think. I want others to know about these as well.

What I love more than teaching is learning and I am usually thrilled to find a resource that offers me something new. What sites do you visit to find that golden nugget? Any places you bookmark and visit on a regular basis?

I’ll be writing what I learn – I hope you stick around and teach me as well.

Mission to Learn

Empty Bowl becomes a Friendship Bowl

When I began blogging I felt like my site was like an empty bowl. I was confident that it would fill up, that I’d find something to write about, that someone would join in and read my blogs and as the bowl emptied, it would fill time and again.empty bowl

That is what has happened. Just recently some of my blogger friends have been sharing what they do when they’re in a slump. Some plow through it, others move, some write, others indulge in chocolate (ok, that one was me …) and on and on.

The idea that one can post about something and others can chime in with help is a beautiful thing. Unseen friends from across the nation and over the oceans are there with fingers at the ready to offer support and help.

A blogger community has grown and continues to grow. Having the courage to write about one’s health, a dying family member, an employment issue, weight problems, homesickness and our hopes, dreams and despair is bold and embracing in so many ways.

Adding insight, asking questions, offering praises and appreciation is a way to help others fill their empty bowls. And in turn, they help me fill mine.

A warm hug to my community of wonderful bloggers, friends and colleagues!

~ Marge ~

A story in 6 words…

The WordPress challenge is to write a story in 6 words.So I wrote 6 stories with 6 six words…

Made him cry; are you satisfied?

Wondering whether to leave or stay.

Try it, for free, this time.

Even though he spoke, I cried.

The unwrapped gift came for you.

Say goodnight, it’s time for bed.