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Day 27 – Time to Goof Off

Well, here I am again. Still exercising and still walking and as you may have guessed… still socializing. It seems when I have friends in my plans, I forget to blog. Earlier this month I spaced out blogging when a longtime friend was passing through my city and she spent the night before heading home.  Yesterday

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Day 21 – Gray skies, warm soup

today was one of those rare days in Northern Colorado where the skies are heavy and gray and the humidity is bursting with moisture. we don’t get them often so when we do, I fall into the routine of doing domestic stuff. making soup is the one thing I turn to that helps ground me.

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Day 18 – Finding that elusive something

golden aspens

Yesterday was one of those memorable days. Playing with my 7-year-old grandson in the leaves, throwing football, playing chase, losing in Dominoes, reviewing baby pictures … the stuff that turns a solitary day into memories. As the years tick by, our activities change. Our roles change too. When he and I play games we are

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Day 6 – Shall We Walk?

  Some sort of movement for 31 days has been my challenge since Oct 1 (a mere 6 days ago.) That actually isn’t the hard challenge for me – blogging for 31 days is. My movement days – walking, working out, hiking, biking are part of my routine – though this public view will make

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