Bend and Adjust

hollyhock seedsGet down on your hands and knees and look at the tidbits that nature drops at our  feet. When you look at hollyhock seeds up close, you’ll notice symmetry and flair that you can’t see when looking down at the plant.

This is often the case with most things in our world. From one position, an issue may seem totally clear and understandable … and yet, by moving  to the other corner, listening patiently or asking questions the issue becomes more.

When we meet people, our first impression is often what we rely on – but can often be incorrect. Like viewing nature, we must  be willing to bend and adjust to see another viewpoint. If we don’t …we’re stuck with seeing what everyone else sees, agreeing with their opinions and living in the shadow of someone else’s views. There’s no YOU in that path and the invisible YOU has nothing to offer.

Know what I’m talking about? Ever meeting someone who mimics the ideas and thoughts of the so called pundits  but  has nothing unique to share?