Weekly Photo Challenge: Today’s Gas Prices

Price of gas in Greeley Colorado on June 7 - 2012
The cost of gas today in Greeley, Colorado (June 7, 2012).

This price per gallon has come down over the past few months and I expect it to come down a bit more since this is an election year. We shall see…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Even monkeys like to hang together!
Even monkeys like to hang together!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

To look for a photo about arranged, I looked within my house.
Whether it was monkeys strung together, trucks in a row, a wall full of vcr tapes (ready to be destroyed on the count of 3) … the answer was right here, the whole time!

Arranging monkeys can be quite fun!

Grandson Chaz focused on making the perfect circle!
A barrel full of monkeys
Sometimes it's all about play!

Everyday Magic in the air!

sunrise in Mead, Colorado

when you think your day is going to be like every other day …
you look outside and realize that Mother Nature has something wonderful planned for you!

Without rhyme or reason, the gift of color is offered with the understanding that beauty is all around … all the time.

sunset in Greeley Colorado

When color comes at the end of the day, it’s a reminder that someone is thinking of us!
(I made that up and I’m sticking by it!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Last October we were having the most amazing autumn!

The trees were colorful and leaves were plentiful.

Then … a heavy, wet snowstorm hit the area and we lost our leaves, branches and that sweet warm autumn smell.

Colorado snow in Oct

Colorado snow in OctColorado snow in OctColorado snow in Oct

It seems like yesterday …


Weekly Photo Challenge:Indulge

To spend unlimited time, reading…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ultimate indulgence!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I don’t regret leaving upstate NY to live in Colorado. I do regret that Colorado lacks good Italian Bakeries… ahh, the sadness of it!

I regret I can’t visit DiLauros Bakery and buy some fresh pizza dough, some flat bread or a slice of pizza. I can’t have it all, I know … but I keep trying!

DiLoreos Bakery, Syarcuse NY