Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (into a new life?)

I took this photo in Doagh Famine Village in County Donegal, Ireland. The image was pretty powerful and I felt the message was that this couple will survive or die fighting. Wouldn’t you love to hear their story? Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (madonnamemoirs.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to an abandoned Irish cottage) (mkmercurio.wordpress.com)… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to the other side)

Visiting cemeteries in Ireland was as normal as visiting churches, pubs and gift shops. The history shared on the gravestones made you wonder about the babies and parents that died on the same day. Or the stones that included a poem, love story or gave location of where the person traveled. Cemeteries are well-kept, the… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to an abandoned Irish cottage)

In Ireland, the countryside is littered with abandoned cottages. These buildings once housed entire families for generations but now are crumbling eyesores. In the boom years, the Irish build new houses on their property and left these to erode with the seasons. Unfortunately, with the decline of each cottage, we lose a bit of history.… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to an Irish Cottage)

Entrance to an Irish Cottage at Doagh Famine Village in County Donegal. Last summer, my sister and I went to this museum located in the northern tip of Ireland in the Dingle Peninsula. . What a great history I received by attending! —————- Doagh Famine Village 2011: “Living on the Edge”: Overview The Famine Village… Read More

Weekly Photos Challenge: Entrance

Took a lovely tour inside Cabra Castle in Ireland last year. I felt like a queen sitting on these steps! Cabra Castle is less than an hours drive from Dublin Airport, and is the perfect location for a weekend break in an Irish castle. The castle is situated in the wonderful County of Cavan, which… Read More