7 Blogging Tips to Keep the Words Flowing

I love learning (as you well know) and love sharing what I’ve learned. When it comes to blogging, there are so many ways to stay on the writing path when you’re looking at a blank canvas. It’s easy to say, “I can’t think of a thing to write that others want to read” (ok, I’ve said that many times!) so these tips will help you and me when we fall off the wagon.
I’ve composed a list of 7 tips to turn to when the canvas is white and the fingers are idle.

  1. Be authentic. You know what I mean.
  2. Read other posts and tweet them. Almost all the posts we read have a tweet button – click it and send the post to the universe. It’s what you do when you really like something.
  3. Visit new blogs and read not only the post but the comments as well. Follow the link back to another blog and read some more.
  4. Have a favorite blogger? Check out the links they have on their page – it’s a compliment when others link to you so check out why they’re special.
  5. Talk global and write local. Refer to something going on in the world and apply how it affects you and your community. Real life examples add energy and interest.
  6. Share a moment… something you thought, did or said. When you add a bit of yourself to the post, your readers want to know more. It’s ok to teach – but you must be willing to give something of yourself – trust me!
  7. Be bold. Yes, I’ve touted this one before but it’s ok to be daring and try something new. Take a stand, make a vlog, include a video, and be controversial. As long as you’re authentic your boldness will pay off.

Now tell me, what do you do when your canvas is blank?

Dirty Boys

During my evening walk, I came upon 3 pairs of white sneakers tossed along the banks of the irrigation ditch. As I continued walking, I encountered these young boys catching crawdads. They were focused on the hunt and seemingly oblivious to all else.