Universal Design Learning: As simple as pie!

Any person who engages with a child knows about Universal Design Learning (UDL).

UDL is changing the way you engage with a child. You teach through song. You teach through drawing. You teach by pointing, coloring, building, engaging, giving and receiving.

And the child learns because the message is delivered in a fun manner. A train is 1) type of vehicle on a track that 2) goes fast and 3) blows a whistle and 4) hauls material and on and on. In order to truly ‘get it’ it helps to hear, see, watch and feel the train.

A child learns using a variety of learning styles. It’s simple, fun and engaging.

Why should that change when a child goes to college? Why do the instructors feel that the room full of students have any desire to look at a list of details or sit and listen.

UDL and learning styles make sense.

Lectures do not.

See how simple that is!