Memorial Day Awakening

Memorial Day
Image by Rennett Stowe via Flickr

Growing up I remember sitting in front of the television, watching Fred Hilligues tell us about another offensive, another wave of soldiers who died in Viet Nam. In those days, we all watched the news. We all knew where our brothers and neighbors and cousins were deployed. We all prayed. We all believe in our government.

That gradually changed.

Our boys did not come home.

The government did not welcome them, receive them or recognize them.

We started counting the dead.

Parents stopped believing in their government and their children followed suit.

We stopped praying.

We understood the war was a political event and our dead were the price we paid.

Today, when a solider dies, they are called “Troops”. Six US troops died today. A troop is an elusive entity. In reality, six young men died today. The government had to find a way to make the public forget that the dead were our boys and girls.

Over 51,000 soldiers died in Viet Nam.
The causality count in Iraq since 2003 is more than 100,000.

I believe we must honor those who have died for our country AND I believe we must question why any more of our young are sent into battle.

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