My Improvement to WordPress

There is a small improvement I want made in WordPress. I don’t ask for much and since I am a daily user I think you might be interested in a way to please me…

I want to see Dashboard as my first selection (see image below)

Improvement to WordPress

Simple, quick, easy and a crowd-pleaser.

Any other suggestions from those of you who use WordPress on a regular basis?

Free Apps: Free Course Information: Free Bird

Here’s a link to 25 FREE Web 2.0 Applications. These are all education specific tools that can help to make the online experience so much better. Is your university using any of these? If so, which ones? Do they help?

Web 2.0 Tools for Lifelong & Life Wide Learning is a site worth checking out as well. It is offered as a course, complete with modues, lesson plans and assignments. The site includes a visual document that shows all the pieces and how they interact. Very informative and chock full of easy to understand information. Check it out!