Week 9! No Comfort Zone Update

Ok, how did week 9 get here already? Did you know that we turn our clocks ahead on March 11? Like, isn’t that almost tomorrow?

Colorado has had very warm days with extremely high winds. No snow on the ground and the hint of spring in the air. The trouble is Colorado gets most of it’s snow accumulation in the months of March and April, so no matter how tempting the weather is, I’m not buying it!

This past week has been one of reining myself in an allowing time to heal from my cold and cough. I was out of work 2 days because I had a wicked cough and no voice. None. It’s back now but it gets raspy at the end of the day. Still recovering and giving myself that time and space to heal and not liking being out of my comfort zone.

Last week I made a phone call to a long lost relative who has turned away from the family. It was message number one. I think this week I’ll call again and leave the same message. Either he will answer and we will talk or he will make the decision to stay away. Either way, I’ll stretch my comfort zone until I’m standing on the outside looking back in.

I’ve got nothing to lose and maybe even something to gain. Life is too short to hold grudges, tune out family and use pride as a shield. Only love matters and he’s not letting it in.

Life is a Series of Steps: Measuring Time

It’s that TIME AGAIN

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Time, ever elusive time…

It’s happened again. We manipulated our clocks and tried to sync up with Mama Nature. The mornings are lighter but the days end so much earlier. Leave the house in darkness and leave work in darkness. It happens. It’s yearly. It’s a new season.

clockTime. It comes. It goes.

What happens between ‘comes and goes’ is our life. It’s holidays, vacations, workdays, evenings. It’s the best of times and yes… the worst of times. It’s our attitude toward people, events and the world. It’s the smile we wear or the tears we shed.

Time. How are you spending yours?