This Path Tonight, Hiking Paths and more lessons

Day 21  

Duh, I just learned the correct way to post these so the numbers run in a sensible manner. Geesh. Only three weeks into the process, that’s not too bad, right?

Day 20

I learned from a friend who was car shopping that when there is no give – it’s time to go. My friend had done all kinds of research before entering the car dealership and still the salesman was only giving her the $1500 discount for being a Costco member. Nothing for her trade in. No wiggle room.

After 2 hours she got up and left. “Will you be going home to get your checkbook?” she was asked.  “Nope,  just going home,” she said. She was willing to pay cash and everything. She’s in no hurry and instead of buying her brand new Mazda SUV, she may look at Toyota or Hondas or something else in the same realm.

I love hearing these kinds of stories.

Day 19

I took a great walk today and relearned how much I enjoy the combination of walking, birds singing and fresh air. The walk was under the bluest of skies with no clouds to be found. The lake and meadow I was walking around was filled with prairie dogs movement, coyotes and rabbits. Not to be undone the sounds of birds were loud and sweet.

I learned how much I enjoy my one on one time with self, spirit and soul.  I often take stock of where I am and what I’m doing and how I got to this place. I’m full of gratitude for my strong legs, swinging arms and good health. Like most things, I take the gifts I have for granted but not today. Today they were all laid out before me, just waiting to be acknowledged. I had a great time learning about me.

Day 18

During my walk today there was a sign about prairie dogs.  I learned walk-bold dog
they live in small communities called coteries.   The group usually consists of one breeding male, several females and their offspring.  They live underground in burrows with multiple entrances. Prairie dogs recognize all their neighbors in surrounding coteries.

Prairie dogs communicate by vocalizing, body language and touching. If you are walking nearby with a dog they have a certain sound to warn the others that danger is walk-prairie dognear.

In the photo with the sign about Coyotes you’ll notice to the right of the sign on the ground is a prairie dog. No wonder coyotes hang out, right? The dinner bell is ringing. Ha.


Day 17

I’ve learned about an app called Hoopla. I can download Hoopla and borrow a book even if others have it checked out. With my other library app (Overdrive) I have to wait until it has been returned – like a real book. With Hoopla, if they have it and I want it, it’s mine.

At Hoopla you can check out audio books, movies, comics, ebooks and television shows. It’s pretty simple and free. Check it out in case you’re needing something new to chew on. (You know what I mean?)

Day 16

I downloaded music by Graham Nash called This Path Tonight and loved walk-leave one outevery song. Since I checked the music out using Hoopla I had the entire month to listen. I took the music with me in the car, through neighborhoods and into each room of my house during my spring cleaning fest. Good stuff.