Teaching MS Word keeps me humble

marge- poster
Photoshop photo of Marge Katherine after she applied the ‘Poster’ filter.

Today I sat at my computer with my student and showed him some of the simple things to do in MS Word. I showed him how to use the shift key to make capital letters, asterisks,  dollar signs and exclamation marks.

I showed him how to find fonts, change font size and color.

I showed him how to insert clip art and how to resize them.

I showed him how to put frames around the images and make them different shapes.

I showed him how to use Ctrl + Z to undo his mistakes. I showed him how to use Ctrl + N to begin a new document.

I felt humbled when he told me I had talent. He is 4 years old.






Things that Matter

I’ve been sporadic in my writing lately. It’s hard sometimes coming up with something that matters and personally, I want to write about things that matter and add value to the reader and leave me with a feeling of accomplishment.

Perhaps I’ve had a difficult time writing these past days because the words don’t connect to my mission. I think we all have a mission and mine is to educate. When I learn something, I love to share it. When I find a website or resource that teaches, instructs, educates, illuminates and makes me think. I want others to know about these as well.

What I love more than teaching is learning and I am usually thrilled to find a resource that offers me something new. What sites do you visit to find that golden nugget? Any places you bookmark and visit on a regular basis?

I’ll be writing what I learn – I hope you stick around and teach me as well.

Mission to Learn

When the Student is Ready…

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Do you believe that?
Has that happened to you?

Perhaps we have to experience life or get centered or start listening before the teacher will arrive.

The teacher, as we all know can come in the form of a quote, blog, song, book, friend, article … Know what I mean?