Notetaking Shortcuts

You can always use a few good study tips — so here’s one that will be handy as you sit in a classroom or on a conference call or online seminar.

The next time you are reading your assignment, open a page in your notebook and draw a line down the center.

Record your notes on one side of the paper and be sure to circle any questions you have.

By reading your assignment ahead of class, you are familiar with the subject and won’t need to waste time writing down concepts again. They will be on this side of the paper.

When you get to class, use this side of the paper to record your class notes.

If your questions (that you circled) are not answered, ask them.

This method allows you to remember what you read in the text and still follow along with the lecture.

The ideas, terms and concepts will already be noted and you will have more time to process what is being said instead of writing, writing, writing.