Day 16 – Simple Goodness

Signpost on mailbox says, Go slow or you'll smash the cat.
Go slow or you’ll smash the cat.

I believe it’s the small things that make for sweet memories. A welcome hello and a hug goodbye. A card in the mail. A walk in the leaves on a warm autumn day. A phone call from a friend. Our world is filled with small kindnesses. We give them. We receive them. We read about them. So, it was a delight when I saw this wonderful post at, I think you might enjoy it’s message as well.

Today’s is a soft meditation
in praise of the enormousness
of small kindnesses.

Like the café worker who waved enthusiastically
to my father as he walked in the door of the coffee shop
like she was expecting him,
like he was a regular in this hipster enclave
instead of a septuagenarian
in khaki shorts and white tennis shoes.
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