A tiny way to doing something BIG

For the past month, I’ve been saying “I want to do something BIG.” That thought keeps coming back and then I began saying, I can do a bunch of ‘small’ things too followed by …I want to do something big and break out of my insulated comfort zone. Perhaps the angels were sick and tired… Read More

Come Down from the Blog Cloud!

Blog writing is an amazing experience and allows me to showcase books, conferences, photos, videos and get your ideas and comments. However, what’s really important is to continue to find ways to interact face-to-face.  I’ve met wonderful people all over the world … and would love to meet up with some of them for a… Read More

Internet Goodie #8: Beef Up Your Business

The internet has a bag full of goodies for your business needs. Whether you want to begin a company or improve the one you have, you’ll want to check out the links below. For business advice the place to visit is SCORE where entrepreneurs can ask for guidance and receive free mentor counseling. This website… Read More