Why Don’t They Just Get a Job, You Wonder?

In yesterday’s book review, Why Don’t They Just Get a Job? , I discussed the book, it’s mission and explained how it unfolded.

Why Don't They Just Get a Job?The daily struggles that single women with children face to get a job, keep a job and get on a new path are huge. The hurdles include negative thoughts, government imposed constraints and inadequate transportation which all keep the poor in their place. The decision to move forward with little or no personal support is often a daily battle of the will.

As I check the Help Wanted ads, submit resumes, network and blog, I may feel frustrated but I have the basic resources needed to find a job. I have a computer, language skills (written and verbal), people skills and an education to back me up.

To create an organization like Cincinnati Works was an act of love. A shared vision that evolved into an expression of caring.

What acts of love are inside me, I wonder…

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