Easing into Happiness: Intentional Focus

Yes, studies have shown that a person’s happiness is determined by: genetics, environment, and intentional activities. Genetics is often referred to as nature and Environment is the nurture component of the equation. The third component, intentional activities is the subject of this post.

Intentional activities are things that you choose to do, things you choose to be, things you choose to have.  Intentional activities account for 40% of your happiness. No longer can you blame mom and dad for the nature and nurture part of your world … instead you have 40% input right here and now.

Smiley Face cookieHow to get intentionally happy?

Do something for someone else.

  • Say a kind word. Move over in traffic. Pick up trash.

Express gratitude.

  • This can be as simple as saying ‘thank you’.
  • Delight in the good things that surround you (can you say clean water, fresh air, a roof over your head?)

Get outside your sphere and take a look at the good that happens across the world.

  • Read about organizations like FINCA which offers financial services to low income entrepreneurs or Rotary Clubs whose volunteers travel to third world countries to assist in clean water, health and literacy programs.

When you do something good for someone else you’ll probably feel better about yourself and your situation. You’ll have a better view of how others are struggling and insight into simple actions that make a difference.

Your world view will expand as you educate yourself on specific organizations in countries across the globe. The next time you hear about FINCA or Rotary Clubs you may decide to research further.

Most important of all is the knowledge that YOU can decide to be as happy as you want …or not.

Scary, huh?

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