Mountain hikes, warm days, and fly fishing. (Serial commas)

In a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last.

  • One, two, and three little red jelly beans fell on the floor. (Yum)
  • Coffee, tea, and milk were offered to us at the haunted house.
  • She bought the present, wrapped it, and hid it behind the cat box.

When it comes to the names of business firms, the last comma is usually omitted. Follow the example of the establishment.

  • Smith, Mercurio and Co.

Having fun with this? Information gathered from Elements of Style.

The Elements of Style: Marge’s apostrophe

When it comes to possessives — I usually have to think about where to put the apostrophe.

Here’s the rule:

Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding     ‘s

Marge’s cool bicycle is clean and spiffy.

The cat’s meow was annoying.

Of course there are exceptions –
When the possessives of ancient proper names ends in  -es and -is,

  • Jesus’
  • for conscience’ sake
  • for righteousness’ sake

But such forms as Moses’ Laws, Isis’ temple are commonly replaced by

  • the laws of Moses
  • the temple of Isis

This information was found in The Elements of Style – (Strunk & White)