Blue Skies and Unrest

Blue skies are part of the scene here in Colorado again. Wide open skies, vast views, mountains scenes and for me, a sense of unreality. The view has become part of my world and I welcome it. I adore the colder weather and the unfolding of the new season. Sort of…

Rocky Mountains view from Highland Lake, Mead ColoradoI am still trying to get a handle on the passage of time. It appears to be flying by at top speeds as we approach 2012. Now, I ask you – how can that be? Weren’t we all either fretting or ‘tsking the 1999-2000 millinimum crisis? Wasn’t Sept 2001 something that we bookmarked? And here we are, more than a decade later!

Time is like the weather — it doesn’t care… it just is. It comes, it goes. The sun rises, the sun sets. Whether we’re happy, healthy, wealthy and wise or depressed, sickly, poor and stupid – time will continue to pass.

It’s what we do in the meantime, isn’t it? It’s the art we create, the children we rear, the books we read and the lessons we learn and so much more.

It’s getting comfortable in our own skin and feeling a sense of peace that grows within.

Time … I want to hold it in my hand and release it ever so slowly, like a balloon.

And I want to embrace it like a lover.

And I want to capture it for tomorrow. Want, want, want…