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Read with me

In early Oct I pledged to write daily about ways to improve your mental health. I didn’t refer to journals, studies or what the good doctors say. I just wrote about what works for me. I suggested music, friends, silence, flexibility, fun, relaxation, play, movement, conversation and volunteering. The suggestions along with personal insight and

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Counting my blessings

A way to help me feel grounded and sane is to count my blessings. I believe when I acknowledge the good in my world, I am opening the door to more goodness. One thing in my world is the weather. Where I live in Colorado has been the most amazing autumn I can remember in

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Seeking Sweet Silence

Sometimes the best place to find sanity is in silence. Seeking silence is different from meditation. This is more about silencing the world around you – avoiding conversation, turning off the radio, tv, phones, and turning away from people. Silence allows the mind to run and play without having to be accountable. My friend worked

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Setting sanity aside… to play

Musician playing guitar as a form of PLAY

Autumn is here.  And it’s time to play. We LIVED to play as children. In school, recess was the highlight of the day, wasn’t it?  The freedom to run wild and leave the constraints of the classroom behind – if only for 20 minutes a day, meant everything. The thing is, when we do make

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