Nippy Irish Festivities in Fort Collins

st patricks day parade-3-15-14-6I went to a St Patty’s Day parade yesterday. The streets were lined with people of all ages, tons of strollers, lots of dogs and everyone was bundled up. When the parade began the sky was clear, as it progressed the wind began to blow and gray clouds covered the sky. There were over 80 entries in this parade so it lasted a very long time. I walked to the beginning so I could see all 80 entries but I was unable to stay for the whole event. I was chilled to the bone.

One troop of dancers that came along was dressed in very short dresses. They didn’t have any leggings on and it was evident they were EXTREMELY cold. As I watched them, I remembered how my legs used to look like that when I walked home from school in my plaid uniform skirt. Whether it was sub-freezing weather, blowing snow or just winter weather … I remember it was brutal.

st patricks day parade-3-15-14-1
Warm and happy to be in the parade!

Arriving at school it took forever for my body to warm up and feel normal again. The return trip home was dreaded just as much. Somewhere along the line, I started to wear long pants under my uniform. It wasn’t cool – in fact, it was pretty dorky but finally my legs were no longer tender to the touch.

I haven’t been that cold in a very long time but seeing those young dancers put me right back in my school years in upstate NY. It was a relief to get home and get warm again!

I is for the Irish in your bonny eyes my dear
R is right for when you’re right, you have no cause to fear
E is for Eileen, my mother’s name I mean and
L is for the love I have for that sweet colleen
A is for the angels who are watching over you
N is never fear, keep smiling through
D is for your daddy’s lesson that I pray will be a blessing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

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Top of the morning …

This is a photograph of the Chicago River dyed...
Wikipedia Happy St Patrick’s Day *March 17*

Where I live, we claim to be Irish (ahem… some actually are IRISH), we wear green, we sing Irish songs, we eat corned beef and cabbage (why are potatoes not on this menu?), we drink green beer, we dye our rivers green, we paint green stripes down our boulevards, we have parades  and we wear ribbons in our hair and shamrocks on our clothes.

Ok, this is the deal …we celebrate this day for a guy (Patrick) who wasn’t Irish but is the patron saint of Ireland. Hmm. This thing has gone viral!

Since my mom was full blooded Irish, we basked in this special day because we were Irish  …so it was OUR day!

The best thing about St Patrick’s Day is all the fiddlers and Irish musicians come out of hiding, dust off their sheet music and make wonderful sounds.

Here’s some pretty music from Skean Dubh who played in Lyons, CO.
Another traditional Irish music band is lovely Lough Key.

And a very special Irish Blessing to you all:

May the roads rise to meet you,
May the winds be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”



Happy St Patrick’s Day mom!