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What I learned at Rotary camp…

RYLA sunrise hike

… To trust, listen and allow. Last week I volunteered as a Senior Counselor at a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp. Everyone told me it would be amazing. Magical. Life-Changing. Mind-Blowing. Wow, it was even more than that! I learned so much about our kids, team building, leadership, friendship and trust. And I learned

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Volunteering: Give and Take

As you may have guessed, I am a people person. I love connecting with friends, strangers and soon to be friends. Although I enjoy silence and time alone, I find I am at my best when I am with others. I realized the best way to connect is to join an organization that does something

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‘No Comfort Zone’ Jitters

Week 6 summary: So, you remember all those things I said “No” to last month? Well, there are about 4 committees that I did not walk away from and am very much involved with to some degree. One of those obligations is where I serve as a co-chair on community service organization for my Rotary

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Easing into Happiness: Intentional Focus

Yes, studies have shown that a person’s happiness is determined by: genetics, environment, and intentional activities. Genetics is often referred to as nature and Environment is the nurture component of the equation. The third component, intentional activities is the subject of this post. Intentional activities are things that you choose to do, things you choose

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