Spring Cleaning

I live over 2000 miles from my high school yet every time I return home I visit the building – which is now an old folks home. I also walk by my family home in a neighborhood that is undergone a brutal overhaul. Ten years ago the elm tree disease destroyed all the trees on my street so what was once blissfully shaded and cool is now stark ugly. The sidewalks jut up and out as the tree roots continue their reach to nowhere. Houses go unrepaired, trash is tossed and the end result is something that one would move away from (if one hasn’t already done so).

Sometimes we just ‘land’ somewhere and make it work. Other times, we seek our new quarters and spend time with colors, counters, carpets and other important items that turn the everyday space into something amazing.

The act of relocating is simple – most of the work comes before. Where, when, how, what… are the questions that happen before the move. Should I… where to… when… how to …what to take? And once the decision is made, things fall into place.

The overall concept is exciting. A new environment, new walls, new neighbors, new sounds, new views. The reality may be too many sounds, nasty neighbors, no views, unhealthy environment, and bland walls. And yet … juices are flowing, body is recharged, hope is in the air.

A relocation forces you to clean up and condense, toss and throw, reduce and recycle.  The end result is something to be proud of … empty closets, clean spaces, bare cupboards, room to breathe. Ahh, doesn’t it feel wonderful?