Bold is beautiful

Drops of water/ice on this gorgeous rose in Fort Collins, CO

Someone wrote me an email today. It came out of the blue and it was so touching that it made my eyes tear up. It took courage and boldness to write and it was beautiful to receive.

It was the kind of correspondence that you often cart around in your head and rarely actually write. It expressed gratitude. It was sweet and it made me think of the people who I need to call or write and tell them what they mean to me. It was a reminder to ‘pay it forward’ here and now and maybe the person I contact will do the same.

This random act of kindness was the perfect reminder that we all need that pat on the back or virtual hug whether we admit it or not. Once enjoyed it feels good to pass it on. For some that means a phone call and for others that is an email. The beauty of the email is it can be reread when you need that jolt of joy again. The phone call is perfect for those who need to share and connect.

As our world gets more impersonal each day,  phone calls turn into emails which turn into texts which become tweets. The face to face interaction is always the best but sometimes circumstances prevent that closeness.

Or we can ignore the call and carry on with our lives only to realize that we never said the words we meant to say, the words that can turn an average day into something special  – “This is what you mean to me…”

I challenge you to do that right now. Contact someone and let them know they made a difference in your world. Just list one or two things they did or said and how it made you feel.  Who knows, someone may be sending you an email with those very words inside.

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