Weekly Photo Challenge: Rocky Mountain Sunset

sunset in rocky mountain national parkAn evening ride over Trail Ridge Rd in Rocky Mt National Park allowed me to see the sun set again and again as the road went higher and we drove further west. It was an amazing ride and great adventure this past weekend!

Trail Ridge Road traditionally opens on Memorial Day weekend; last year the road opened on May 28. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States, climbing to 12,183 feet and connecting the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake.

Blogging 101: Something Wild & Crazy

You know – we’ve all been blogging for the past year and we’ve become a community of writers, bloggers, friends and fans.

I’m wondering if we can take this to a new level? By this time, blogging probably isn’t scary any longer like it once was and I propose we try something different and intimidating. Like putting our voice out there (podcasting) or connecting with each other using Skype or creating and posting videos (called video logs or vlogs) or creating an online conference where we can connect, collaborate and grow something unique.

What else? Maybe we can begin a blog where we all add a paragraph or post a photo and all create a story around it?

My blogging friends are an amazing group of writers and we each bring something new and wonderfully unique to our posts. We write about fashion, home, family, travel, hopes, dreams, illness, education, humor and even cemeteries.  We support, unite and encourage each other.

Maybe we can go out and find new bloggers and follow them, add comments and share insights. Remember how cool it was when we first started and someone subscribed to our blog. ‘Way Cool!’

Would you care to be a guest on my blog? I’d love to have you write for me sometime. Care to visit me online and we can create a podcast. Even with these ideas I’m not thinking big enough … this is where groupthink comes in handy!

I suppose it’s because I’m on the edge of this lovely cliff and I want to stretch my arms and soar like an eagle but I want to do it with others and compare our flights, thoughts and observations. And I want to see what photos you took and you can see mine. I want to show you the video of me leaping with my mouth wide open to catch the air. And I want to see your face too.

Guess I’m just crazy but sometimes that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Tonight’s the Super Moon!

Tonight, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east at sunset. It’s a super perigee moon, the biggest in almost 20 years.

Full Moon in Colorado
Full Moon in Mead, Colorado

The tides will be higher & the moon will be 14% bigger than normal!

The moon is so close because it falls on the same day as perigee, the moon’s closest point to the earth for this month.

I hope your skies are clear and you can manage to get to a place where the moonrise can be seen.

Denver sunset: 7:11 pm

Denver moonrise: 7:37

Supermoon (almost)


Super Full Moon

Earth Sky

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Do you ever ask yourself …

photo of artist drawing in santa fe, nm
Now What?


I received this note from the Universe in my email box today …

First, choose from the options that thrill you.
Then, choose the ones that also teach you.
And from these, Marge, choose the scariest.
Butterflies in your tummy are good.

~~ The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
© www.tut.com ®
That’s how I got earth rolling, Marge.

Live from Twitter : Social Media replaces TV for good reason

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

When earthquakes and tsunami’s hit –back away from your tv and turn to social media. You’ll get real live people with stories about hope, success, challenges and yes, deaths and tragies. You’ll get a better understanding of the big picture and not just the blood and tears that TV is apt to toss our way.

Blogs and microblogging (like Twitter) are close  to the action and the true heart of the matter. In Hey From Japan, we learn about the earthquake and the preparations that surrounded it. Is my family ok? Do the phones work? Is my house safe to go into? The unfolding story is news. True news.

Sadly, TV dwells on the blood, guts and gore which tends to disconnect us from the living and breathing people and their stories on the other end.

TimeOutTokoyo has regular updates about blackout times, hospitals, radiation levels, evacuation radius, transportation and train schedules, and other concerns that remind us of the chaos they are living through.

This headline by  Dave Ewing was found in a Tweet but not in a newspaper “Millions saved in Japan by good engineering and government building codes. “ Mainstream media wants to talk about death tolls and injuires. Too bad for us!



Hey From Japan

Dave Ewing

Eating red popsicles

Postaday2011: Having Fun Yet?

Eating red popsicles

March 1, 2011 (Update)

Postaday2011 invited us to commit to posting once a day for a year.

I agreed because I thought it would be fun, I’d meet new people and learn new things, visit new places and …Yippee … that’s what happened!

Here I am at the end of month one and this challenge has:

  1. Opened the world around me like never before as I follow the lives of my blogging friends.
  2. Helped me stay organized and use existing tools (the Schedule tool is great!)
  3. Enabled a sense of awe when others share their photography and explain the meaning behind them.
  4. Humbled me as I read about the struggles that others are dealing with on a daily basis.
  5. Educated me as I research earthquakes, war zones, local organizations, location of cities and towns, landmarks and foreign words.
  6. Most of all — Connected me to a new friends.

And this is only Month One!

Below are the names of some blogs that I’ve visited and enjoyed:

Have you met Ted yet?

The internet is our oyster … as if we need to be reminded, huh?

Ted talks is one  of those pearls — talks brought to you by experts in education, art, science, technology, entertainment, business, etc.

Turn off the tv and turn on Ted.com — “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world!”


Learn from the Experts

I blog. And I love it.

Yet, it can get old sometimes. Has that ever happened to you?
When it does, turn to the experts to juice up to your articles and posts.

In the article, Nine Ways to Spice Up Any Blog Post Fast, Ali Luke has some great ideas to get us fresh again!

  1. Add snappy titles.
  2. Introduce powerful images.
  3. Tap into readers concerns.
  4. Add personal antidotes.
  5. Offer ‘take away points.
  6. Get readers to react.
  7. Include quotes from other bloggers.
  8. Use an analogy.
  9. Make your language punchier.

These  ideas can help you get readers to your site and keep them coming back. I bet if you take just one idea from this list and apply it – you will see some additional activity.

Let me know if you use any of these suggestions and what you notice, ok? I’ll do the same!

This information can be found on Problogger.

Have you ever tried vlogging?

Sometimes I like to create video blogs or vlogs. Instead of the written word, I like to say it and show it.
To capture video for your vlog, you can use a cell phone, the movie setting on your camera, a Flip video camera or other similar tools.I like the Flip camera because I can take out a small portion of the video (1-2 minutes) to publish.

Care to try vlogging sometime? If you do, send me a link so I can check you out!

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