Weekly Photo Challenge: Rocky Mountain Sunset

An evening ride over Trail Ridge Rd in Rocky Mt National Park allowed me to see the sun set again and again as the road went higher and we drove further west. It was an amazing ride and great adventure this past weekend! Trail Ridge Road traditionally opens on Memorial Day weekend; last year the… Read More

Blogging 101: Something Wild & Crazy

You know – we’ve all been blogging for the past year and we’ve become a community of writers, bloggers, friends and fans. I’m wondering if we can take this to a new level? By this time, blogging probably isn’t scary any longer like it once was and I propose we try something different and intimidating.… Read More

Live from Twitter : Social Media replaces TV for good reason

When earthquakes and tsunami’s hit –back away from your tv and turn to social media. You’ll get real live people with stories about hope, success, challenges and yes, deaths and tragies. You’ll get a better understanding of the big picture and not just the blood and tears that TV is apt to toss our way.… Read More

Postaday2011: Having Fun Yet?

March 1, 2011 (Update) Postaday2011 invited us to commit to posting once a day for a year. I agreed because I thought it would be fun, I’d meet new people and learn new things, visit new places and …Yippee … that’s what happened! Here I am at the end of month one and this challenge… Read More

Have you met Ted yet?

The internet is our oyster … as if we need to be reminded, huh? Ted talks is one  of those pearls — talks brought to you by experts in education, art, science, technology, entertainment, business, etc. Turn off the tv and turn on Ted.com — “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world!” TED:… Read More