Burp in the road…

Sure, one would think I meant bump in the road… but alas. A burp in the road got me thinking- Those experiences happen and go unnoticed- Who cares about those burps in the road, those twings and twitches? They are the composition of our dailyness. Some would say … How boring. Perhaps they’re right – However, that’s not the… Read More

Blog Poetry: Just Because

One person admires. One person reads. One person wonders. One person leads. Some people paint. Some people jog. Some people dance. Some people blog. Some days it’s just a simple poem that pops out. Related Articles “Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry (It’s April)” and related posts (thechocolatechipwaffle.blogspot.com) Follow-up to a Little Girl’s Poetry (mikedellosso.wordpress.com) Why not… Read More