Day 50: Excuses or Poetry?

Day 50!

Where oh where has this writer been?

Off to the trails, lakes and camping again?

Will she start blogging, like she promised I wonder?

Perhaps and yet … her time is asunder.

She say’s she’ll do this and she say’s she’ll do that

She rarely has time to sit down and chat!

So, let’s give her some slack and watch where she goes

She’s sure to come back, smelling sweet like a rose.

— The End —

100 Days of learning will continue at the end of July. 50 down & 50 to go!

Stay tuned!

Burp in the road…

Sure, one would think I meant bump in the road… but alas.
A burp in the road got me thinking-
Those experiences happen and go unnoticed-

Who cares about those burps in the road, those twings and twitches?
They are the composition of our dailyness.
Some would say … How boring.
Perhaps they’re right –
However, that’s not the answer.
The dailyness of burps and twitches reflect time gone by.

Ignore and still the burps come.
Time doesn’t judge.
And besides, the burps in the road are kind of fun, huh?

Blog Poetry: Just Because

One person admires.
One person reads.
One person wonders.
One person leads.

Some people paint.
Some people jog.
Some people dance.
Some people blog.

Some days it’s just a simple poem that pops out.