Internet Goodie #25: Stealing on the Internet

We Steal Things.
Image via Wikipedia

The internet is the place to find what you’re looking for, isn’t it?

When you find that certain something, feel free to use it — as long as you include a link back to where you found it.

Somebody worked hard to create that sentence, photo or lyric so you must link back (that’s your way of saying Thanks!)

You can steal ideas — artists do it all the time. They look at a painting and then create a new one. The taste a dish and recreate it with an added twist, spice or flavor.

Check out this link to see an really wonderful explanation of what I mean!

How to steal like an artist: And 9 other things nobody told me!

Don’t plagiarize – honor copyright laws and search further to find free stuff. It’s there for you to use … link back to show others where you found the good stuff!