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Taking photos is something I do for fun. I enjoy capturing things that amuse, awe and educate me. I enjoy the vistas, the flowing rivers, and majestic mountains.

Many times I take more than 100 photos and end up deleting 90 of them. The 10 photos I keep help me remember the moment and hold it longer in my memory.

Some people play an instrument, dance, play sports, collect stamps, write poetry, and some like me take photos. It’s calming, fun and helps me feel grounded. Do you have something that you look forward to doing? Do you go stir crazy when you don’t do it?


Photographing the Road Less Traveled

Taking the road less traveled can lead to some amazing memories and photos.

Chicago Library

Ever been to the top floor of the Downtown Chicago Library?
Me either until one day … I visited the library (which is what we all do on vacation, right?) and took the elevator up as far as it could go and … oh my god!
The top floor has a glass ceiling!
Go and look!

Sept aspens in Colorado

Did you ever get off the highway and follow some dirt road to wherever it may lead? If not, try it in Autumn and capture it for future memories~

Sunrise on Lake Columbine

Ever take an early morning hike that you just had to record?
When this happens the memories of the walk last for years down the road.

Cinnamon Bay feet

What about those times when you are basking in the sun, feeling the heat on your seat and admiring your feet? Oh sure, we all have those moments!

Choose the road less traveled, take pictures, print pictures and Smile…

A Fresh Look

Irrigation ditch in Colorado

The next time you take a walk, bring a camera along and take photos as if you’re seeing it all for the first time. Get down on your knees and look up.  Look at the clouds, cars, traffic, cows, landscaping and houses.

Get a close up of everyday items… Fence posts, mailboxes, street signs and other everyday sights.

Click and share them.

I’m waiting …

wet morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oceans of Sky

Oceans of appreciation for a glorious Colorado sunrise
Oceans of appreciation for a glorious Colorado sunrise
Endless sky and golden aspen in mountains of Colorado
Endless sky and golden aspen in mountains of Colorado
Oceans of blue sky in Colorado
Oceans of color in Colorado skyline

WordPress Photo Weekly Challenge: Ocean

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Eating red popsicles

Postaday2011: Having Fun Yet?

Eating red popsicles

March 1, 2011 (Update)

Postaday2011 invited us to commit to posting once a day for a year.

I agreed because I thought it would be fun, I’d meet new people and learn new things, visit new places and …Yippee … that’s what happened!

Here I am at the end of month one and this challenge has:

  1. Opened the world around me like never before as I follow the lives of my blogging friends.
  2. Helped me stay organized and use existing tools (the Schedule tool is great!)
  3. Enabled a sense of awe when others share their photography and explain the meaning behind them.
  4. Humbled me as I read about the struggles that others are dealing with on a daily basis.
  5. Educated me as I research earthquakes, war zones, local organizations, location of cities and towns, landmarks and foreign words.
  6. Most of all — Connected me to a new friends.

And this is only Month One!

Below are the names of some blogs that I’ve visited and enjoyed: