The Things You Do

I believe the giving season is every day of the year.

Some of us give when we teach children how to count, how to read numbers, help them learn manners and the joy of singing.

Others give by taking time to walk their dog when they could just put them on a leash and stick them outside their door. Unfortunately, I watch my neighbors do just that… why have a dog if you don’t plan to give it a yard to play, exercise and pee in?

Other people hang out their clothes on sunny days and allow solar power to replace electricity. Besides the crisp feel of the clothes, they smell Great!

Others, like me, love to take photos and share them with others on a regular basis. Take them, print them (Walgreens), share them. Why would someone keep them on a camera forever and ever? Lose the camera and lose the photos. Not me!

We all do something as a way to give back. And it’s usually a daily thing or weekly.

What’s your thing?

Do you have that ‘thing’?

Do you have that thing… that sets you apart from others?

We all know people who are electric and find ways to get everyone else excited about their cause. Some people adore collies and  support their local humane society. Some people want free breakfast programs, recycling, college grants, clean water, higher wages, or to eliminate hunger and on and on. Depending on where a person has been, is now, or will be – you can also find something they stand for and support.

angel imageSo what’s your cause?

Want to help our veterans get off the street and into a warm bed? Maybe you want a day care center in your community or help a village get clean water?

Betty Londergan lost her job and started feeling frustrated with her life. So she did something outrageously bold and gave away $100 each day to a different cause. Now she looks back at that year with awe and wonder. She learned so much, met so many people and now wants to get out and visit these places – some nearby and many far away.

We all know people who give quietly and donate time and services and want nothing in return. By staying anonymous they are missing the opportunity to become a role model to other in their family, community and organization.

Givers are all around – they pick up trash, coach our children, help build houses, organize events, bake cookies … If you believe in something, you need to ACT.

What have you done?

I’d love you to drop me a comment and tell me about your cause.

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