Read with me

In early Oct I pledged to write daily about ways to improve your mental health. I didn’t refer to journals, studies or what the good doctors say. I just wrote about what works for me. I suggested music, friends, silence, flexibility, fun, relaxation, play, movement, conversation and volunteering.

The suggestions along with personal insight and stories helped me as well. They reminded me of the techniques I use when I need to feel grounded. As the days get shorter and the time change kicks in, I know I’ll be employing several of these techniques as well.

reading in the libraryMy last topic is about books and reading as a way to stay sane. The act of picking up a book means you are in one place for a set period of time. Your mind has permission to let go of reality and travel with words to other places.

Some books are there to help you. These self-help books offer insights into nutrition, rearing children, beating addictions, raising step-children, finding a mate, dealing with grief and on and on,

Non-fiction books relate stories of triumph, success, failure, love, family and happiness all wrapped in one. Fiction lays unlimited possibilities on our doorstep. Biographies take us inside the walls of homes, onto battlefields, behind prison walls and into space.

Take the ride, Let the author distract you. Enjoy the learning process. Share what you’re reading. Dig deeper. Laugh at the joke. Cry when it’s sad. Get angry and mad. Smile when it’s something sweet. Let the words on the page take you away, bring you back home and put you to sleep.

All the best to you!