No Comfort Zone in Step Motion

This week I plan to get take my hands of the keyboard, push away from my desk and find some stairs to walk.  I work in a building with 84 steps from my floor to the top of my building. Round trip is 168 step. So 3 flights = 504 stairs! How about 3 trips… Read More

Things are happening here… NoCZ–12

My focus this week is to break my pattern of coming home from work and eating whatever happens to be within my reach. Instead I decided to spend the first hour in my basement. Because of this decision the whole feel of my week has changed. I’ll find more words and let you know what’s… Read More

Judgement and Perceptions: NoCZ-2012

I found this wonderful video on Magsx2′s blog. Going to the movies turned out to be an amazing act of getting out of your comfort zone for these moviegoers. What would you have done?   Related articles We are who we choose to be: NoCZ-2012 ( Discomfort Zone (NoCZ-2012) ( Standing in the Sunshine: NoCZ-2012 (… Read More

No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge Updates

A new week filled with challenges and opportunities to do things differently is upon us. As for last week … First of all I wore a dress again. Yes, I think it’s like breaking in new running shoes; it’s a slow process that becomes easier each time. My two dresses can be worn a few… Read More

We are who we choose to be: NoCZ-2012

In the No Comfort Zone Challenge for me anyhow, it seems the light is coming on. Simple actions… doing things a little differently are taking me to new places. Literally. Last week I discovered a road that I had never seen before – but I can assure you it was there all along. I drove… Read More

It came to me in a flash …(NoCZ-2012)

Sometimes the idea comes over time and sometimes it comes in a flash. Last night it came in a flash. I was entering a building where I had a monthly board meeting. This was one of my “sure, I’ll apply for the open position on the board.” And I was accepted. The flash was I… Read More

What makes you come alive?

What are those things that makes you come alive? I adore spending one day a week with my grandson. I look forward to letting myself be 3 years old again except this time I get to plan the activities. This week was a visit to a regional airport and a car wash. Last week was… Read More