2012 – A year of discomfort

I found this delightful poem that sums up my year of No Comfort Weekly Challenges. It’s a reminder of WHY it’s good to get uncomfortable. In setting this challenge for myself, I looked for things that took me down different roads (figuratively and literally), made me expose a bit more of myself, encouraged me to look… Read More

# 2 — HULU (online gifts)

I visit HULU.com on a regular basis. When I miss a favorite TV show, I can usually watch the full episode the next night. Hulu also has documentaries, dramas, movies and other shows. The fun thing I love about HULU.com is watching documentary stories about people who do good deeds just because it’s the right… Read More

November 2012: It’s all good!

Yippee to one and all! It’s November and there are many things to be thankful for: THE ELECTIONS ARE OVER. You see, since Colorado was a swing state we were inundated with ads. During commercial breaks we would see a minimum of ten political ads. That would be EACH commercial break. Crazy nuts, wasteful amount… Read More

No Comfort Zone Challenge: Update

It’s October and I am still finding ways to challenge myself. One challenge I set and continue to focus on is the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge. I signed up in January and continue to write down my books and link back to a source. The cool thing about that challenge is I can… Read More

No Comfort Zone Update – September 2012

Hello everyone, It’s been too long since I offered an update on the NO Comfort Zone activities I’ve been up so I will now try to recall and share them with you. June was totally out of my comfort zone as I was asked to be editor of a monthly newsletter. In addition to editing… Read More

It happened yet again. Hacked and Spammed.

I found out that my email account (the one I ONLY use for professional related issues) was hacked. Then emails were sent out with ‘no subject’ but included a spam link. The link will either take you to a bogus website where there is a virus lurking or will automatically infect your pc. This time… Read More