Comfort Zone Buster … Caine’s Arcade

In the past 2 weeks, this wonderful video has crossed my path at least three times. It’s about a young boy named Caine who creates a video arcade one game at a time. It’s creative, simple and it’s his passion. Today I read it on Green Sky Outside and wanted you to see it too!

I watched this and understood how totally out of my comfort zone it would make me. What if I create this and nobody came to play?
What if can really be a killer, can’t it?

What if I write a book and it gets rejected?
Or what if I write a screenplay and it gets a negative review?
What if can totally paralyze…

What if I wrote a story and just enjoyed the entire process, the outcome and then gave it to others as a gift of love…

It’s lovely that Caine just followed his passion. This is something you will really enjoy!

Let me know what you think, ok?

No Comfort Zone Challenge: Taxes

Have you ever avoided something or someone for a period of time, just hoping the issue, clutter, or person would go away? And, of course, it does – eventually…

In fact, by attending to the issue (that we finally acknowledge won’t “JUST go away”) we find out that it can be done and off the table in a set period of time. Think …homework, taxes, dusting, thank you notes, exams, oil change, Christmas shopping, etc.

I sat at my table this yesterday morning and took care of 3 huge tasks before 7:30 am. What a relief!

When I finished, I grabbed my taxes and put them on the table to tackle next.

For months, when I looked up at the ceiling fan, I focused on the rim of dirt that looked back at me with a smirk, yes, you heard me right… a smirk.

IN the afternoon, when the weather reached 69 degrees, I decided to water some trees (LONG overdue), wash some windows, mop the floor and yes, clean 2 ceiling fans. It took me less than 20 minutes to do something that was ‘hanging over my head’ for months.

Today I tackle the taxes. My comfort zone is resisting with everything in me to NOT attend to this assignment. I will dust, vacuum and iron clothes instead of gather my documents, numbers and items for this task. We all know that once I turn my attention to the task it will be done in a short amount of time. In the meantime, my house gets cleaned from top to bottom as a way to NOT do taxes.  Ugh.

NO Comfort Zone Challenge this week: Taxes.


A warm welcome to January to December who accepted the NO Comfort Zone 2012 Weekly Challenge!