We are who we choose to be: NoCZ-2012

In the No Comfort Zone Challenge for me anyhow, it seems the light is coming on. Simple actions… doing things a little differently are taking me to new places. Literally. Last week I discovered a road that I had never seen before – but I can assure you it was there all along. I drove… Read More

It came to me in a flash …(NoCZ-2012)

Sometimes the idea comes over time and sometimes it comes in a flash. Last night it came in a flash. I was entering a building where I had a monthly board meeting. This was one of my “sure, I’ll apply for the open position on the board.” And I was accepted. The flash was I… Read More

What makes you come alive?

What are those things that makes you come alive? I adore spending one day a week with my grandson. I look forward to letting myself be 3 years old again except this time I get to plan the activities. This week was a visit to a regional airport and a car wash. Last week was… Read More

Candle Lighter Award Reaches Critical Mass

A heartfelt thanks is sent to Jackie at A Heart Whispers for nominating me for the Candle Lighter’s Award. It was originally created by Kate Kresse as a tribute to writers who offer hope and light in the course of their writing. This award is received with warmth and appreciation and I will gladly pass… Read More

Tweaking away the comfort…

Over a year ago, I purchased the domain name ‘margekatherine.com’ and then let it sit. Today I activated it and if you look at the URLl in the address bar you’ll see that change. No more mkmercurio.wordpress.com – Hello margekatherine.com. All links to mkmercurio.wordpress.com will come directly to margekatherine.com. So, why wait a year?  Why… Read More