Why Bother to Blog?

Here we are, 13 weeks into a new year and I’ve got over 100 people following this blog!

I love when my friends comment and I love reading their posts. I’ve gone on emotional journeys, cheered weigh loss and steps walked, sat in amazement over a renovated living room, viewed babies, cathedrals, puppies and desserts.  I’ve read about loss and recovery, despair and hope. I’ve listened to Snow Patrol, seen spring flowers and mountain vistas.

Why bother to blog?

I started blogging as a way to put words into a post. It was hard for me to define my ‘niche’.  I don’t sew, quilt, paint or design.  I don’t lift, run, ride or twirl. And sadly, I don’t strum, fiddle, rock or roll.

I volunteer, play with my grandson, read books, take photos, walk, hike and engage with a wide range of family and friends. I learn, teach, listen and seek out new information through a variety of venues.

I love writing and this blog is a wonderful platform for me. Perhaps my NICHE is being me. Can that be a niche?

I didn’t envision my blog posts to be a ‘no holds barred’ type of place but instead a place where I am sharing bits and pieces of my world, my past and hopes for the future. A place where my humor is able to shine and when I feel down to be able to write freely about that as well. I’ve made friends here and it’s a fun place to be.

Why bother to blog? It feeds my soul, it helps me feel connected, I learn so much, I grow and I enjoy the process.

So tell me, what is it about blogging that you like so much? Why do you do it?

Finding your Data Niche


Love Letters
"Digital photos are hard to toss, like love letters in the bottom drawer"


With all the data that is available to us, we can easily get lost in collecting, reading and sharing it.   

Some people have a system and just check in first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. They sign on, say hello, make their presence known, then they log off. 

Our lives are filled with data supplied by social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin. Data, when broken down, is bits and pieces of our lives. We have thousands of digital photos and videos that we can’t part with … like love letters in the bottom drawer. 

All of our data is linked … and the six degrees of separation is no longer a novelty due to social networking and everyday forms of technology.  LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress blogs, websites, Kindle, Twitter, Instant Messaging, Pandora, I-pods, discussion boards, email, Skype, texting, I-phones, U-Phones, We-Phones and devices yet to be created continue to add more data to our lives. 

And somehow we make sense of it. We find our niche and select information that aligns with our personality, attitude, character and persona. We bookmark sites that speak to us and blog about topics that matter. 

Data is everywhere and for some reason, that’s ok.