Do you bother with New Year resolutions?

Do you treat the New Year like a new slate and make a list of things you want to achieve, places you want to visit and people you want to connect with? And if so, is this a recurring list? Items that you’ve planned to do year after year? Items like lose weight, write a book, learn to play the guitar, visit Mexico, learn Spanish, return to school …

santa strawberriesIf they are recurring, ask yourself why. What is it about them that makes you want them but not enough to actually achieve them.

Could it be that you are afraid of achieving them and then having to deal with success?
Or perhaps you are afraid to try and then you fail? And yet, the refusal to try is silly because 1) you could actually succeed and 2) if you fail, you’ve still learned something along the way, met new people, and grown in one way or another.

Some people make outrageous lists that are too daunting to approach. Others make lists of one or two items that are completed immediately with a whole year ahead and no challenges.

What’s your approach? Do you even bother with a resolution?

If you’ve made resolutions, were you successful in achieving them?

What’s not to love about Lent?

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As a Catholic child, Lent was a time of year to ‘give up’ something. During the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, we were taught to give up or abstain from worldly pleasures. Now, worldly pleasures for a small kid in a big family is an ambiguous term. So we gave up something we cherished. Again, living in a home with limited treats, no desserts and no allowance, my worldly pleasures were already few. I remember one year I gave up chewing gum and candy and fighting with my siblings. Another time I gave up candy… not too difficult when there’s none in the house.

In my adult years, I’ve embraced Lent as my 6 week New Year’s Resolution. I can do anything for 6 weeks, can’t you?

Walking in the snow
Additional steps for Lent

During Lent, I find ways to improve things about me. Here’s my plan for this year:

  • Steps. Increase steps to 120000 daily (that’s 6 miles of walking.)
  • Fruits/Veggies. Make sure I eat a total of 4 fruits/veggies per day.
  • Water. Up my water consumption by 2 liters — yum!
  • Love. Find ways to give it, grow it, spread it, nurture it, feed it and embrace it.

What’s not to love about Lent?