The Pull of Music

One of my favorite ways to stay sane is to listen to music. Depending on my mood the music could be upbeat to raise my energy or low-key to help me settle down and concentrate. In the mornings I enjoy classical music, no words, just the familiar sounds of lilting notes.

When I’m outside the music of nature soothes my senses and helps me get into a new sort of rhythm.  I also enjoy the sounds of nature at night, with my windows open, I welcome the cricket symphony which eases me into slumber.

Music helps me remember past moments as well. I am pulled back in time when I hear a song from my childhood, or a song from my teens. I can go right back to another time and place when I hear a particular song. Music helps bridge where I stand today with happy moments, celebrations, and reunions of yesterday.

Music makes me cry too. Does that ever happen to you? A song about lost love, car accidents, war casualties, and other real life experiences just reach out and grab me. And, it usually happens every time I hear the song, not just the first the time. And that’s ok too.

Ok, time to wipe my eyes.

I hope your day is filled with sweet sounds that bring smiles to your faces.