Today I sat at a stop sign… waiting for it to change.
There used to be a stop light there (and was removed about 3 months ago).
Where was my mind during those minutes when the stop sign refused to turn green?
Climbing mountains, walking along beaches, reading a book?
A gentle beep reminded me that it was time to go…

12 Steps to Slow Down

There must be a program for those of us that overload our brains with a barrage of activities. Today continues the steps to help me deal with this state of being.

5. I admit I spend too much time in front of a keyboard and not enough time allowing quiet thoughts into my head.
6. I accept my tendency to agree to one more task, open one more journal, read one more document, read one more website, write one more comment.
7. I acknowledge my shortcomings and welcome the opportunity to step away and breathe … long and deep.
8. I know that my struggles are minor compared to what others are dealing with, and yet, they are real to me and need to be addressed.
9. I honor the me, filled with flaws and imperfections and know that I will continue to grow, learn, make mistakes and multitask.
10. I recognize the need to find quiet time and go within.
11. I understand the value of friendship and remember to turn to those who are willing to help me slow down and push away.
12. I know there is a power higher than me who is just waiting for me to push the ‘OFF’ button. When that happens, I am claiming my life again.