snow on lilacs in Colorado may 11, 2014

Snow or sun: Happy Mother’s Day!

Snow on Mothers Day in Fort Collins - 5/10/14 snowy peony snowy purpleI had every intention of ‘sleeping in’ on Mother’s Day. Sleeping in means 7:30 a.m. or so. However, at 6:15 when I lifted my head from my pillow I saw one thing – the branches of my tree bent over. No dallying for me… I flew out of bed and into warm winter clothes. It was snowing – the wet heavy snow that is often the case in April and May snow in Colorado. The weight of the snow lands on the branches that are just budding out they break and are ruined forever…

So, after knocking snow off trees, bushes, flowers and tables – I walked around the neighborhood. When I finished my exploration, I was soaked! My heavy winter coat and ski gloves were no match for this weather.

A hot cup of tea, Sunday Morning CBS, the Sunday paper and soon it will be time to make my rounds again and free the branches and trees of the snow that continues to fall.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my sisters, cousins, friends, nieces, neighbors, fellow bloggers and to all those wonderful men who step in and fill the mother role when needed. And a special hello to my long departed Mom (aka Ma).


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Call me Mom or don’t call me at all!

Happy Mother’s Day to you and you and you!Happy Mother's Day sign surrounded by flowers

At any given moment my mother was called Mom, Mommy or Ma. She didn’t like being called Mother. She chastised me when I called her by her first name. She told me that anyone can call her Katie but only very special people can call her mom. I understand that now and cherish that title as well.

I grew up in a large family and there was always one kid on my hip that needed to be diapered or fed or cared for  – so motherhood was not something foreign to me. What was strange was the doubt I had when I was in the mist of it.

It would be great if we could all be grandparents first. Grandparents understand that our children just need us to be with them. Focused and in the moment. A simple thing but so often undervalued in this day of iPods, cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronics. The act of playing a card game, hiding and seek or singing during a car ride …is all about making memories for tomorrow. It’s really so simple, so very simple to do.

Dear Ma…

Dear Ma,

Red hollyhockThanks for doing the best job you could for me.  You didn’t have a role model and you had to figure it out on your own. Looking back now, I understand how well you did.

I’m sure I never gave you credit for all you did well, and all you did right.  And I know I never gave you credit for figuring it all out day by day.

You did a wonderful job and I thank you from this earthly plane.

Love  from daughter #3…