A Mind is a Beautiful Thing to Mold

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Here I am again, trying to write something profound to post for my blog tomorrow.

Let’s see … I spent today in a classroom with 20 first graders. They learned vocabulary words (i.e., sharing, vow, crate, imitation, clarify, clever …), they learned definitions, and they heard those words in a story. They painted pictures for Mother’s Day, did math assignments, had snack, went to recess, had computer time, ate lunch, played outside, measured inches and centimeters, played with Legos, read books, and at the end of the day they cashed in their paper money for gifts and prizes. In order to do that, they had to add up their paper nickels, dimes and quarters and figure out how much a paper airplane (or a poster or pencil or modeling clay) cost and hand over in their  money (earned when they turned in their homework on time).

These students did so much learning in a fun, casual environment that they haven’t a clue how much they learned.

It was a treat beyond measure to watch their teacher in action.

It was a joy which made me giggle to see my son teach these students, mold their minds and engage their thinking. It was the best mother’s day gift I could have received.

…and now I am SO ready for bed!


Thanking Teachers all over the USA during Teacher Appreciation Week!