Learn Just One Thing

I’ve been to many conferences, listened to many speakers, read the books, walked the walk, etc. It’s so disappointing to pay big bucks and listen to a speaker and think “I already knew that and in fact, I know much more than the speaker does.”

When I learn one thing – yes, just one thing, then I know it was a good day.

The thing is  … I already know all this stuff. You probably do too. But when we hear something new or hear it again and it resonates … then it’s wonderful.

Have you ever had someone teach you something – like how to use a new tool or software and the the learning is great but when there’s too much material, overload sets in and the brain zones out? Hence – learning one new thing that you will use, apply and tell others about is the best of all.

Tomorrow you can learn one more thing and I can learn as well. I’m in a place where there’s a STEEP learning curve and I’m full of questions.

I also have issues with everyday things. Like the MPG of my car and multi-tasking issues. Oh, my, the  list goes on and on!

And each day I’ll share with you something I’ve learned, something I need to learn or something I want to share.

Are you ready?