Seeking Sweet Silence

Sometimes the best place to find sanity is in silence. Seeking silence is different from meditation. This is more about silencing the world around you – avoiding conversation, turning off the radio, tv, phones, and turning away from people. Silence allows the mind to run and play without having to be accountable. My friend worked… Read More

Sanity: Mental Health in Motion

Sanity is defined as the quality or state of being sane; especially soundness or health of mind. Sanity comes from the Latin word Sanitas. ( There are many ways to keep sane in this insane world. Previously I mentioned flexibility and the ability to change. Another way to keep sane is to move. The act of… Read More

Memorial Day Should be Outlawed

This is a repost from May 30, 2010: Instead, Every Day the American public should express thanks to our veterans and soldiers.  If we were more caring and appreciative on a daily basis instead of squeezing our thanks in between a cold beer and a softball game, NASCAR race or Bolder Boulder on our day off, then… Read More