Good bye stuff: Hello memories!

I’ve been going through my closets and looking at the pile of things I have accumulated over the past year. Someone gave me a baby doll to give to my granddaughter but she’s into goats and sheep and horses. No dolls in her bed (thank you very much.)

In another room, on another shelf is a package of Leggos and some action figures still in their original boxes. I also have some Christmas tea towels, soaps and lotions.

These items were bought ‘just in case’ however, now I have a surplus of items that need to be regifted, rehomed, recycled and used. Here and now.

So, I logged on to my account and posted the item ‘Offered: Baby Doll: still in box’ for someone who maybe needs a gift for a little girl or boy. I will list the other items and post them as well.

In my room, I have a wonderful candle that I light every now and then. I decided to burn what I have and order more.  I went to the Henri Bendel website to order a new supply of Vanilla Bean candles only to find that HENRI BENDEL has closed up shop and all my candles are no more. It’s actually the smell and the memories they evoke that I’ll miss the most.  

Maybe that’s why people hold on to so many things – forgetting that it’s not the THING but the memory behind it that matters.

There are some smells that take me right back to another place and time. Old Spice, Jean Nate cologne, Ambush perfume, cigar smoke, Chanel #5, lilacs, cinnamon sticks – all have a place in my memory bank.

But not on my shelves or in my closets. Time to release, let go and plan to make more memories!


Breathe in the stars!

Summertime begs me to hop into my Toyota Sienna van and take a trip. I long to find a place where I can spend the night under the darkest sky and breathe in the stars. In the middle of June, during a camping adventure with my partners in crime & adventure – I most enjoyed my time when everyone was asleep and the sky was awake.

In the quiet, I felt my soul come to life during that in-between time when dreams are allowed to manifest . Without interruptions, conversations or technology pulling my thoughts away,  I gave in to the twinkle of the stars.

And it made me wonder… what happens when someone dies? Are they really gone forever? Or are their soul’s there for me to connect with? And …what is my purpose on this planet? Is there something I need to be doing and if so, what is it?

There was a time, years ago outside Taos, NM when I lay on a blanket under the stars and let the tears fall from my eyes. The night sky was so spectacular, the evening was so quiet, the shooting stars were abundant and for that brief moment in time … all was well. I was in the right place, at the right time with the right person. I had no idea then how many times I would relive that beautiful moment.

I am still making memories for those nights thirty years from now and I will remember kayaking on the water in the early morning hours, cold drinks with good friends, nonstop laughing and I will ask myself the same thing – What happens after we die? Will my soul connect with other souls? Did I serve my purpose in life? Should I have done more?

Tell me if you know – “what happens when …?”