Looking for THE BIG WHAT!

Whether I write this blog or not, life goes on either way. The sun still rises and it’s glorious. Sometimes I capture the scene on my camera but I would rather just sit in awe and soak it in. Maybe I’ll blog about the colors, the smells and try to describe the fresh air but I’d rather take that hike up the hillside with friends. With you.  What are your wants?  Read More

The Collective Spark

Do you ever wonder if your presence here makes a difference? Like if you left the physical planet tomorrow would it matter? Did you make a contribution, a mark, a difference somehow, someway? Have you made this world a better place? The reason I am so pensive about this topic is because I met someone… Read More

What are your favorite quotes?

What sort of quote do you have hanging around your world? The ones we keep say so much about us. They reflect where we are at this moment in time. They speak to us and offer support, motivation, humor, help, understanding and hope. The quote that resonates with you reveals some of yourself to the… Read More