Lovin’ the Library

Library magazinesI must be honest, I’m a library junkie.

I have 3 library cards in my wallet (Longmont, Boulder, Denver) and 2 on my key ring (High Plains and Poudre). The small cards that attach to the key ring are my favorites because I don’t have to go through all my important ‘supermarket value cards’ to locate my library card. Easy access… 

Even though I can check out books at one library and return them to another one, I try to take them back where I got them. I know that makes it easier for everyone and since I’m usually in the vicinity … it’s easy to do.

At the library yesterday, I realized how many magazines are not being renewed as a cost cutting measure. In the archives, there were rows and rows of titles. In the current selection, about 1/4 of that amount on the shelves. I know magazines are expensive and it’s an easy cost cutting measure — but who decides which gets the ax?

Do we toss Psychology Today and keep the Journal of Dentistry?  I’ve decided that if I need to get ideas from magazines, I’ll go to Borders Bookstore or Barnes and Nobles because there are hundreds of titles and selections. Then I can get a cup of tea and peruse to my heart’s content. There’s no shortage of magazines … and alas, there are no past issues for me to review and check out.

I can get online at these bookstores too –but rarely can I find a plug for my tired old Dell laptop. I learned that I can get online at most of ‘my’ libraries too, using my laptop. The good thing is there are plenty of plugs but no tea or coffee allowed. (Woe is me!)

What I love most about the library is the freedom I have. To read a book, listen to music, watch a dvd, read a magazine, ask questions, receive helpful information.  All for free.