Life is a Series of Steps: Measuring Time

It’s November 2011. How did that happen?

life steps quoteHow did another November roll around and better yet, what have I accomplished over this year?

When I try to account for my time and figure out what I’ve done – I am frustrated. I only see the things I didn’t do and fail to see what I have done. And yet…

  • I’m working again.
  • I spend one day a week with my grandson (which just happens to be the BEST day of the week!).
  • I write blogs on a regular basis.
  • I work out 4 x week.
  • I read lots of great books.
  • I started a book group.
  • I hike most weekends.
  • I stay in contact with my family (sibs and kids).
  • I visit libraries 1-2 times a week.
  • I read and recycle magazines (at my library of course).

So, maybe the year is not lost. And what about you? Done anything that stands out more than the others? A big move, marriage, divorce, death, job change, trip or something else?

Or is your life a series of tiny steps that happen over time and seem inconsequential until you actually list them…. one by one by one?