A welcome dose of sanity !

I had a reality check this past week.

I was driving in the car with my grandson (recently turned 6 years old) and it was quite clear he ‘knew everything’ there was to know. So, I put on my Nana face and said —

“So, smarty pant, if you know everything, what’s the capital of Colorado?”

Without hesitation he replied, C.

After a minute of contemplation I agreed, yes Colorado does begin with a capital C.

nana and chazNot letting him off the hook, I pointed to a random tree and said – “so what’s the name of that tree?” (I certainly did NOT know the answer)

He looked at it and said it’s a deciduous tree. 

“What is a deciduous tree?”

“It’s a tree with leaves,” he replied.

“How did you know that?”

“I learned it in kindergarten,” he said.

Perhaps he really is a smartypants!

Enjoy the laugh, stay sane and keep a smile on your face my friends!

Laughter into My Old Age

Ahh Sunday …

Clean sheets
This image was found on Pinterest.com

I changed the sheets on my bed this morning and my wrinkle-free bed looked lovely. As I yanked the clean pillowcases from the laundry basket I saw (to my dismay) the top sheet mingled with towels and socks.

Drats. No wonder it was so quick and easy!

Another joy bubble … causing me to laugh at myself.

I have to write these things down now so when I’m old and bored, I can reread and relive the experiences.

Of course, I’ll be laughing so hard that I’ll be a happy magnet!

Ever have days like these?

Our Time is Limited: Find Joy Bubbles

I love this quote from Steve Jobs. Our time is limited and therefore it’s good that we make a point of finding the joy bubbles in each and every day. Not just the big days like Thanksgiving but the small kernels that fall to the ground on a moment to  moment basis.

One kernel that I give myself is laughter. I’m always laughing and it’s usually at something silly that I’ve done, said, forgotten to do or failed to remember. I also like to tell others about the silly things I did and in the retelling, I continue to laugh. What else is there?

Until we go easy on ourselves, enjoy our own company and relax – everything will be an uphill battle.

Best of all, when we lighten up and laugh as a first response – everything feels easier.

Laughter as a response… what a lovely idea!

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If you know of other laughter related sites, send me the link and let me giggle all over again!

I hope there’s a smile on your face right about now!


A Laugh A Day…

Posting every day for a year can be grueling. What can I share? What’s new? What’s different? What’s mundane?

You can't buy happinessI’ve decided for September to find blogs that speak to me and then to write about their message.

For today, I have a list of blogs that discuss laughter. In this post Laughter Matters… the writer reminds us that humor is healthy and it’s a great way to beat stress.

We all know that laughter is good medicine and there are studies to prove that laughter heals. For people caught up in stressful moments, laughter is muted or totally absent from their lives.

To laugh often and well… and laugh at ourselves is the best medicine. A good laugh when we tumble, forget our keys, call the wrong number, sing off-key, take a wrong turn, drop an item, mispronounce a word or name, put milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge, and on and on.

Think of someone in your life who laughs. Thinking of this person probably puts a smile on your face. What is so funny about this person? Don’t you feel different energy when you’re around this sort of personality?

My dad laughed a lot! He had a hard time telling a joke because he always laughed before the punch line. It didn’t matter though because I was often laughing as hard as he was at the humor of it all. Most times the jokes weren’t even that funny but I didn’t realize that until I tried to retell it!

These sweet words in a post called Laughter helped me remember why I love to be around my grandson. He makes me laugh. I make him laugh.“Sometimes I think we forget how lucky we are to find “someone to laugh with” (sorta thing!).. you know what I mean. Saviour these moments. Take a mental image. Put it somewhere safe and never let it go… Because there may come a time where you need a refresher of these moments and it will be there waiting for you, just when you need it the most.”

Sharing a laugh with someone helps you remember a point in time. You leave the scene but years later remember laughing. You may not remember the reason you were laughing but the cells in your body remember the feeling that was created.

In this post called Laughter Through Tears, “Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can laugh so hard that you eyes tear up? Have you ever noticed that the reverse is also true – that when you are deepest in grief and tears, you will find yourself laughing and smiling and the most absurd things?”

Laughter can rescue us in despair and relieve us of stress. Laughter is usually found in a genuine moment. When it comes, enjoy it.Then write and tell me about it… I’d love to hear from you!